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Rigley Round

Hello, my name is Myke, also known as NetMetropolis. I am an NFT artist & creator, living in New York.

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I have been a creator all my life. However in the last year I have found a real home with the NFT space and community. The kindness and inviting aspect of the NFT space is honestly something that I have never experienced before. So, I couldn’t be any more thankful to be a part of it.

Please take some time to view my artwork, I hope you enjoy it! Do try not to get lost in the fractals! I stare at them way too much!

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My current collection is Hathstract, the first abstract art collection on the Hathor Network. Learn more and read the roadmap here.

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Hathstract #3
Bottle Hurt 7 Fractal Art
Bottle Hurt 7