After the success of my fractal art collection and the small community of collectors that are following my work, I’ve decided that going forward its best to have a roadmap for all future collections. This page will serve as an overall roadmap for my direction as an artist.


Fractal Art Collection – OpenSea

Fractal Art NFT by NetMetropolis
Unpaid Invoice 3 – #300 of 300

Status: Completed – Nearly Sold Out

300 fractals in various fashions. Animated, static and multiple


Synesthesia – Audio in Motion – OpenSea

Synesthesia Visual Music NFT
Poodle – #1

Status: Ongoing

Synesthesia has always been something that has interested me, going back to the work of Oskar Fischinger, Mary Ellen Bute and other pioneers of visual music. My intention is to expand on their ideas in a digital format. This collection has been slowed in production due to experimentation with audio creation and the success of the fractal art collection. Production will continue soon.

Hathstract – Hathor Network

Status: ACTIVE.

Hathstract is a Special Collection of Abstract Art NFTs on Hathor Network by NetMetropolis. This project is aiming to be the first abstract NFT project on Hathor.

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Fractal Animations CollectionOpenSea

Coming Soon!